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This show is devoted to women over 40 who want to rebrand and redefine "over the hill," smash age barriers, and rediscover happiness and success! It's never too late to pursue a dream, a passion, or start a new chapter in your life. Join Helen and her guests as they discuss all aspects of aging after 40 and how to make the aging process and those "twilight" years more rewarding, exciting, and fun! And be sure to join the PRO-Agers community today!

Dec 13, 2021

Wouldn't you love to be able to walk into a room, look around at the people there and know exactly who you were going to bond with?? Facial expressions are the universal language of emotion and Michelle Butt helps coaches, consultants, sales people and leaders not only read people and their facial expressions but also helps them remove barriers they have to living their most prosperous lives! A very insightful discussion about human behavior and facial nuances you don't want to miss!