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This show is devoted to women over 40 who want to rebrand and redefine "over the hill," smash age barriers, and rediscover happiness and success! It's never too late to pursue a dream, a passion, or start a new chapter in your life. Join Helen and her guests as they discuss all aspects of aging after 40 and how to make the aging process and those "twilight" years more rewarding, exciting, and fun! And be sure to join the PRO-Agers community today!

Nov 12, 2020

Sharkie Zartman is winning at aging! How? This 70 yr. old treats aging like she's training for a sport. This former world class athlete reminds us that getting older is a challenge, an opportunity and a privilege while laying out simple guidelines that ensure a sporting chance of retaining a full and vibrant life regardless of age! We can not control the process of aging but we can control how we age! Using a sporting analogy is a proactive approach that empowers us to focus on what we can do versus what we can't.